We are grateful for all of our customers and work hard to build long-lasting relationships with all of them. Here are a few words of apprecition from some of our satisfied customer.

"No pain, no pinch marks, redness, scars and squeeze marks. 

I was mentally preparing myself for the pain (I have low tolerance!) but this was done in a jiffy and I was like "are you guys going to do the extraction?" and the beautician, Elaine, laughed and said, "yes it is done". I was pretty shocked because I never thought extraction could be this soothing and calming?! She then showed me the impurities she got from the machine. Goodness me, it was really obvious in real-life (the white stuff).

I did not have to “Hide” my face by wearing shades and run home as well! 
- Yes, I do that after most facial sessions.
My face was definitely more radiant, brighter and looked healthy! It was so soft and supple as well! Suddenly, it looked like I had the best make-up skills when I applied my foundation and base make-up, LOL. Yay to brighter and radiant skin!”

- Blogger, Aishx
See more at: http://aishx.blogspot.com/2018/06/customized-facial-treatment-eye.html

"The master beauty artist, Elaine, has more than 10 years of industry experience and is a super popular beautician 

Therefore, my skin was in good hands when I visited Le Queen for the facial session.
The place is really comfortable and cozy! The lighting is dimmed and the salon is not noisy as well because the beautician focuses only on one customer at a time

Well, the advantage is that all the attention could be on you! And, my skin is literally baby butt soft and clear after the session!!! 
I’m a really happy customer! Will definitely visit this place again.

- Blogger & Influencer, Jeslyne Soh
See more at: http://blog.myfatpocket.com/jeslynexsoh/2018/08/le-queenz-expert-customized-facial-treatment-in-singapore/

"It was the best facial treatment I've ever experienced!!!! 

Overall the facial treatment was very soothing, calming and trust me when I say - no or very minimal pain from the extractions. It is crazy because Tracy was very afraid I will feel pain but I told her this was nothing compared to my previous facial experiences elsewhere - which means you can be assured; you are in super safe hands!

I left the clinic feeling satisfied, happy, rejuvenated and refreshed! 
Overall, I really like my experience at Le Queenz; The beautician's lovely service attitude, the comfort and most of all, the effects of the facial on my skin really wow-ed me.”

- Fashion and Social Influencer, Aggy Low See more at: http://www.aggylow.com/2015/10/review-le-queenz-beauty-salon.html

"This is my skin after the mask is off. I am sold!

I drank some tea and proceeded into the room. A very cosy environment, I think that's mandatory in making a customer feel comfortable with the whole facial process.

 Extraction at Le Queenz is done by a funky machine. As my eyes were closed, it felt like a roller ball on my skin, only upon opening did I realise it was nothing like a roller ball. I honestly don't know what technology goes behind this equipment, all I know is that it was pretty awesome, and pretty must painless.

 My sister Jiax who was present the whole time saw a difference in my skin too.. my skin was definitely brighter, looked more plump.”

 - Miss Singapore International Queen 2014, Chew Jia Min
See more at: http://jiammsi.blogspot.sg/2015/10/jiam-at-le-queenz.html

"I definitely feel really refreshed and wanted to book my next appointment straight away

I love the layout of the place as it is really cozy and classy. I feel extremely relax once i got into the shop and the aroma of the place give it a much more soothing feeling.

 One of the most torturous things I feel about doing facial is the extraction process as its really painful and uncomfortable. Le Queenz has a very special technology that cleanses the face with a brush and removes impurities with an easier and pain free way. You can just rest your eyes and fall asleep with the gentle touch of the well trained beautician massaging your face.”

 - Miss Singapore International 2015 Queen, Roxanne Zhang

See more at: http:// http://roxstaranne.blogspot.sg/2015/09/facial-experience-with-le-queen.html

"It was the best facial treatment I've ever experienced!!!! 

I'm serious! This is because I was able to leave the place bare faced with super glowy skin!!! I have ever gone to a few other facial shops before but after each facial treatment, I would have super swollen and red skin after the painful extractions ><!!! Not to mention, I would hide my face with shades and quickly rush home straight after facial! I'm sure those girls who have gone for facial before would know what I mean! 

Their winning point is: Painless extractions 
Unlike traditional extractions, LeQueenz uses advanced machine equipment to extract impurities from your face and it is 100% painless yet effective at the same time! "

- Fashion Influencer, Charlotte Lum. See more at: charlottelum.blogspot.sg

" The atmosphere at Le Queenz is so cosy and clean that you won't feel like leaving the place! I went to their spa room and I feel like a princess stepping into their cottage.

I changed into their sarong and Im all prepared! They customize one person to one room so you can have some private space between you and your beauty consultant! And the room is spacious. I did their detox scrub (worth $68) which lasted 1hr15mins...and I did fell asleep in between!  The scrub wasn't as harsh as I thought it would be and my consultant was Ivy, she was gentle and precise with all the steps. She gave me heads up to prep me for the next step that she is going to do. After exfoliating, we proceed on to body mask/ butter spread and it is really cute to see her using a brush to paint my whole body with it. She applied Barley mask for 15mins and I had to rinse it off which leaves my skin really soft and smooth the entire day! I get to bath too. Can't stop touching my skin after the mask :P "

- Blogger and influencer, Winnie Seah See more at: panyi-desires.blogspot.sg

"Priced at S$18, the eyebrow design procedure includes eyebrow trimming and drawing based on your face shape. Before the treatment, Elaine would first look at my face shape and give me her recommendation on what type of brows are suitable for me. As my face is longer and more towards oval and guazhi, she has recommended an eyebrow which is thicker in the front and thinner towards the end with a slight arch. She has also told me that having more hair in the front would also improve my luck slightly! OH YEA!

After the entire procedure, I was really satisfied with my eyebrows. They look more defined and my face actually look even smaller and more pleasing to the eye. I also took a short tour around the place and was surprised to find it was really cosy inside! They have a very nice corner for you to do your makeup after your treatments. Not only are embroidery services available, Le Queenz also provide facial services as well."

- Fashion blogger, Sydney Ho See more at: blog.myfatpocket.com/ssydneyho

“I no longer have to worry about drawing my brows wrongly every morning, Le Queenz’s signature eyebrow embroidery saves me the daily hassle as I have natural brows now.

The whole process is pain-free and I like how gentle and professional Master Beauty Artist Elaine was. I have since gotten many compliments from my friends on my brow shape and I would definitely recommend this to my friends”.

- Jess

“I am surprised by how pain-free this process was. I even took a nap when Master Beauty Artist was doing my brows.

I am satisfied with the brows Master Elaine designed for me based on my face shape, the arch that she designed gives the illusion that my eyes are larger and makes my face appear slimmer than it is!”

- Ann